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Short stories

Since there are a lot of our members with writing inclination, it would be a shame if some of them, as talented and prolific authors, remain unknown and undiscovered to public. So we would like to provide the opportunity for our members to express their talent and send us their works in the form of short stories. We shall publish those stories on website and afford our users to enjoy them. Top stories according to your assessment will be awarded.

Prerequisites for our contest for the best short story are following:

       - the story must be short - up to three pages, with 1800 characters each,
       - the story must be legible and unpublished.

The stories that satisfy the conditions of the contest will be published on this site. The jury for the selection of the best stories are our members. If you are registered user you may cast one vote for one story, but you may vote for more stories that you please. Prizes for the best stories are publishing a print edition in hardcover, with the payment of royalties.

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