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For couples

If you two were, are now, or would like to be a couple, we provided the opportunity to check the types of personality you belong to and to get an estimate about your eventual relationship.
For both of you it is necessary just to sign up for free (if you have not done it already).
You can do this on the Home page or here by clicking on Sign up. After you get the Registering questionnaire, fill it out for one person and click Save. Then you can repeat the same procedure for the other person (if you use the same computer).
Now, in order to determine your personality types and estimation of your relationship, it is necessary that you both fill out detailed questionnaire with information about your preferences and characteristics, as well as information about the person you would like to be with. If you both use the same computer your significant other should:
1. login with user name and password,
2. on the page My profile click on Find your soulmate: fill out the questionnaire,
3. fill out this detailed questionnaire,
4. click on Save,
5. log out.
Then you too should repeat the steps from 1. to 4. After that find your mate in Search and by clicking on his/her user name enter the profile. By clicking on Your matching? you will get personality types for both, your traits and attitudes matching and the description of the relationship between your personality types.